PPP Projects


Various Projects under PPP are as follows:


 SL  Name of the Project Estimated Cost
(Rs. in Crores)
Status Remarks
(if any)

Greenfield Bridge Across River Ganges connecting Bakhtiyarpur (NH-31) Bypass near village Karjan and Tajpur on NH-28.

Length of the Bridge = 5.525 Kms

and Approach = 45.745 Kms.

1,599.57 Construction Work is in Progress Concession Agreement signed with Concessionaire M/s Navayuga Jahnavi Toll Bridge Private Ltd., on 08.10.2010. Appointed date achieved on 30.11.2011. After grant of EOT it is likely to be completed by 31.07.2019.

IE (Independent Engineer)

M/s Intercontinental Consultants & Technocrats Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi in joint venture with ROIDC Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon.

2. Development of Ara-Mohania section of NH-30 in the State of Bihar to 4-Lane.

Length=116.76 Kms.

917.00 Contract Terminated by Concessionaire on 20.02.2015 and by Authority on 10.06.2015.
As per the order of Hon'ble High Court, the matter is under Arbitration.
As per the order of Hon'ble Court; the matter is under Arbitration. The Arbitration panel has started hearing the case.


Projects in Bidding Process under BSHP-III:


 SL  Name of the Road Length (Kms) Total Project Cost (including LA, R&R, EMP)
1. SH-58 (Udakishanganj-Bhatgama Road) 29.48 Rs. 228.61 Crores
2. SH-82 (Kadirganj-Khaira Road) 75.10 Rs. 518.60 Crores
3. SH-84 (Ghogha-Panjwara Road) 43.35 Rs. 376.85 Crores
4. SH-85 (Akbarnagar-Amarpur Road) 29.304 Rs. 211.44 Crores
5. SH-102 (Bihia-Jagdishpur-Piro-Bihta Road)  54.519 Rs. 490.52 Crores
  TOTAL 231.753 Rs. 1,826.02 Crores